Make a Different Thing Everyday

I watched Joost TV’s channel Lime this morning. And there was a program called “Living with Deepak”, talking about some life tricks. And there was a trick called “Make a Differences”.

If it is working day, you day life may be getting up on time, having breakfast, having routine to office, working all day time, having routine back home, having supper, having bath, and going to bed. What a boring day with all these same things. You have no new experiences on fresh things. If you spend most of your time doing such same things, you are just like those robots. What is the differences? The world is full of different things waiting for you to experiment. Why not take a try everyday and have the joy of new things for your whole life? Just one different thing everyday, it is only 365 different things for a total year! Well, you should 365 things in a year.

Well, what will be a different thing? Making some unique gift for friends, using skating shoes to offices, flying a kite, … Just use the imaginary, the world is outside there waiting.

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