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“Red Dragonfly” Wallet, Made by Zhou Renjian

Red Dragonfly Wallet Back

Red Dragonfly Wallet Front

Red Dragonfly Wallet Inside

Red Dragonfly Wallet in Hand

O, not bad? Here is what it originally looks like (A “Red Dragonfly” bag):

Red Dragonfly Bag

And you can enjoy How to make wallet out of cash.

BTW, here is my five-year-old wallet:

My Five-Year-Old Wallet

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World of Stupid

There is a Joost channel named “World of Stupid” in BDTV. It is an interesting program, which introduces people around the world making stupid things or performing stupid actions. These people come from different nations or areas. And some of them are popular movie actors or singers. They do these kinds of things with different purposes.

Even though I were  saying “Fucking stupid!” when I were watching the video, I admitted that they were professional to give us a stupid entertainment.

I can remember the Wales E-Jet’s answer about why they want to do stupid things: “We just want to record down all these things. And when we were old, we could watch these videos to see how stupid we were when we were young.”

Just go and get a Joost account to enjoy those stupid things.

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About Chinese Name

I would like to talk about Chinese name, as today I got called as “Mr. Renjian”. Even though I am somewhat got used to “Dear Zhou”, I am somewhat not got used to this “Mr. Renjian” yet.

I know there are different naming rules across countries. So mis-using names should not considered as a big problem. But I do believe that everyone should know the Chinese naming rules, as Chinese is the country with most population and the nations with second most online users. So knowing Chinese rules will help you a lot if you come across with a Chinese.

Chinese name is also simple to remember. Its format would be:

<Family Name><Surname>

The pattern of English name is:

<Surname> <Family Name>

And these days, we do not distinguish surname or family name sometimes. We may call “First Name” and “Second Name”. The order of the name is important. In China, we always call someone in <Family Name> <Surname>, <Surname>, Mr./Mrs./Ms. <Family Name> or “little/old <Family Name>” for nickname. We Chinese never call someone’s name in pattern of “<Surename> <Family Name>”.

And here is my name: Zhou Renjian. And you can call me “Zhou Renjian”, “Renjian”, “Mr. Zhou”, “Little/Old Zhou” or “Dear Renjian”. Don’t call me “Mr. Renjian”, “Little Renjian” or “Dear Zhou”. Even though I got lots of “Dear Zhou” in my emails and got used to such calling, I still find out somewhat gabby for such calling.

There are about 100 common known family names in China. It is very easy to remember a few (At least the first few). Here is the list:

Zhao, Qian, Sun, Li, Zhou, Wu, Zheng, Wang, Feng, Chen, Zhu, Wei, Jiang, Shen, Han, Yang, Zhu, Qin, You, Xu, He, Lv, Si, Zhang, Kong, Cao, Yan, Hua, Jin, Wei, Tao, Jiang, Qi, Xie, Zou, Yu, Po, Shui, Dou, Zhang, Yun, Su, Pan, Ge, ….

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